SaaS Flo

The Problem

Talentflo aka SaasFlo approached us to automate their current recruitment business by utilising technology, to both make their lives easier and to provide a better service to their clients. Previously they had clients regularly asking for candidates to fill sales positions in their organisation and TalentFlo would manually find them as a typical recruiter does, arranging interviews, phone calls, and the appropriate details.

The Solution

TriSec worked with Talentflo and designed a system to automate and fulfill Talentflo’s business requirements, we created three different dashboards for them, organisations (their clients) and candidates which automates the process of organisation & staff registration and their operations. The idea was that a talent pool was identified and could be pushed to the appropriate business, with various stages of anonimity and communication. This allowed for a much smoother flow as well as allowing the organisations to create a talentpool and plan in advance for their hires.

The Execution

We started the process using a wireframe format then coordinated with the designer to produce a top-notch design for their software, after approval we created a front-end application, which integrated with a PHP-Laravel backend, which allows for scalability, security and a modular build format.