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Retail Economics

Retail Economics

The Problem

Retail Economics requested some help to update their website, with new pages, features and to ensure that it remains secure and fast. The site is a frontend website, and a backend membership function with data analytics, report downloads, and other membership functions. Assistance provided included development, server management, and advisory services on design, layouts, and SEO.

The Solution

TriSec worked with Retail Economics to define various new workstreams and pages. An initial design would be provided by Retail Economics and then a discussion on improvements and various modifications was had. Through this, we helped provide a much more dynamic experience, with items such as animations and more user interactions. The project itself has code in a nodeJS and PHP (Laravel) backend and ran on a standard LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) technology stack. We utilized Github for version control and helped to add functionality.

Some of the pages included adding additional libraries such as the Media, Video, and Podcast libraries, while others involved simple design tweaks. Throughout the years that we have been involved with Retail Economics, we have developed, updated, and optimized many pages and processes.

The Execution

TriSec has worked with Retail economics since 2018 with both development and consultancy work. Delivering the full stack of development including server and advisory services. This involved working with and updating old code and working closely with the directors of Retail economics. TriSec continues to work with Retail Economics adding more pages and updating pages and functionality as required.