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The Problem

SupportRoom approached us to help them create a mental health and therapy platform covering the B2C and B2B spheres. The platform required chat, voice and video therapy options and had to be able to match the crowd sourced therapists to the correct people. From a B2B perspective there were various legal requirements as well as value required that had to be delivered to the business.

The solution

TriSec worked on delivering and designing the system from the ground up initially focusing on documentation and flow before starting implementation of a highly scalable solution. The system infrastructure was designed so all elements could be seperated and the backend was developed with a php-Laravel API and a react front end. This helped ensuring scalability and the flexibility required.

TriSec created in affect 3 platforms, a patient, therapist, and b2b manager platform to allow for the various interactions. All the whole patient confidentiality via HIPPA and data security via GDPR were implemented.

One of the key parts was to allow for scalability and to ensure the appropriate documentation so that investment could be sought.

On the B2B side data analysis and gathering were built in to deliver data to the businesses so that they can support their employees through their mental health journey.

The execution

TriSec assisted SupportRoom throughout with both development and consultancy work. Delivering the full stack of development including server and infrastructure setup. TriSec continue to work with SupportRooms and helped secure funding and customize the system for B2B clients